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Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you based?

  • The Bugle Hotel, The Square, Titchfield, PO14 4RT (entrance to studio via the side door in the car park)
  • Stubbington Sports Club, The Green, Stubbington, PO14 2JY (up the stairs into the club)

Is there parking?

  • Titchfield: There is a free car park at the rear of the hotel, plus on street parking
  • Stubbington: There is a free public car park at the rear of the venue, plus many more around the village green as well as on street parking.


What classes do you offer?

We run classes in pole, aerial hoop, static trapeze, silks, acrobatics and stretch as well as various workshops now and again. The most up to date is on the booking site. We do classes for adults and children.

What should i wear?


Shorts and a top (can wear leggings/joggers to warm up)

Aerial hoop, trapeze, silks, hammock and acrobatics:

Leggings/joggers and a top

Do you need to be fit / strong to start?

No. You will work on beginners moves which will allow you to build up strength and fitness.

Are classes suitable for beginners?

Yes. We offer classes for beginners and beginners are also welcome to attend our mixed ability classes.

Do i need to tell you about my health?

Yes. You must complete the PARQ form upon sign up on the Go Team Up booking site. Your instructor will have access to this. If you have any changes, please update the information and make your instructor aware of any new issues/injuries. We may need to pass on your information to a healthcare professional if it is deemed appropriate.

Do i have to attend the warm-up?

Yes. The instructor needs to know that you are physically ready for the activity that they will teach and as they are responsible they will warm you up. If you are late for the warm-up the instructor may refuse entry to class; this is entirely at the discretion of the instructor on duty.

Can I stay to watch my child during class?

Yes absolutely. You are also allowed to leave and return to collect your child, you must return promptly as the instructors may not be able to wait around. If you return late you may be charged for the instructors time, this charge is £20.


Do I have to book and pay online?

Yes. This must be done on the GoTeamUp booking site. This means the instructors have a register of attendance and access to emergency contact information. We also do not want our instructors to be responsible for holding cash.

Do i have to set up a direct debit?

Yes. This is how the GoTeamUP payment system works. We are NOT taking money from you regularly. The system is set up for companies to take a monthly subscription like a gym membership; however this is not what we are doing. You only pay for what you have authorised.

How do I cancel a class/workshop/private session?

Log in to your GoTeamUp account and there you can cancel your class. Cancellations within 24 hours of the class will not be refunded and you will be charged. This is not negotiable.

Why have i been charged for a class/workshop/private session I cancelled?

If the class was cancelled within 24 hours of it commencing you will still be charged. Some workshops and private sessions are non-refundable, this information would have been given on the booking site.